How long will your tire last?

By Lốp Nexen
Posted: 14:35:53 15-11-2017   |   Update: 2 years ago
Some advice from Nexen Tire Vietnam’s experts can help you determine how long your tire will last or it’s time to replace it.

Tire’s lifespan

It is difficult to predict tire life due to changes and unusual environment conditions. However, car drivers may rely on some visible signs such as: tire pressure drop or any abnormalities (such as vibration in the steering wheel, noise, horizontal traction) to determine whether to replace tire or not.

In addition, it may be time to change tires, but we still need a professional opinion to see whether these tires are still usable or not. After 5 years or more, tire check should be done at least once a year.

Note that 10 years after manufacturing date printed on tire wall and you haven’t replaced it yet, advice from tire manufacturer for you: replace all old tires even though they may look good enough to use and tire tread depth is still acceptable.

How to know when car tires need replacing?

If you are in one out of three situation below, tire replacing should be taken into consideration:

  1. Damaged tires.

Normally, your tire will be damaged if you hit hard or sharp objects like nails, steel. It cause tires punctured, deformed …

Sometimes, when you scrub a curb or hit a pothole, a “bubble” or raised area can appear on the sidewall.

These following situations could also damage your tire:

- Damaged by hydrocarbons or corrosive substance.

- Driving on flat tires causes rubber inside scratched or striped.

- Punctures in the sidewall.

- Tire bead deformation.

         2. When the tire is worn

Over time, any kind of tires will worn out, so you need to equip yourself basic knowledge about tire wear and when tires should be replaced.

Some common reasons lead to tire wearing.

For Nexen tires, embossed logo on sidewall indicate where tire tread depth indicators are located in main grooves. Tire tread depth indicators are small flanks at the bottom of main grooves. If the rubber surface is within this range, the tire has almost reached the safety limit. You can buy a tread depth gauge and measure tire tread depth like a pro.

position of the Tire tread depth indicators on Nexen tire.

Using worn tires increases the risk of tire damage and in wet conditions can cause the tire to lose its ability to grip the road. In most countries in the world, it is completely illegal to drive a tire less than 1.6 mm thick

         3. When tires are overdue

Base on symbols and numbers on tire sidewall, users could know when to replace their tires with no difficulty. The last four digits of the date range indicate the date of manufacture of the tire. Normally, the expiry date is 5 years from the manufacturing date.

Manufacturing date is usually printed in sidewall.

However, car tires should be replaced after 50,000 km. Depending on personal need as well as  environmental condition, car tires should be replaced sooner. The tire aging process occurs faster in hot weather, when expose to sunlight or coastal climate. Therefore, even if you don’t use it often, these tires are still aging and can not be used anymore.

When replacing tires, it is recommended to use old tire specification to choose a new appropriate replacement. Car owner should consider personal need as well to have a right choice on the new tire, ensure safety and increase tire durability.

Tire replacement rules:

There is no best tire because of differences in  personal need. Here are some “do” and “don’t” when you decide to buy or replace a new tire:

- Do not choose too cheap tires which come with poor quality.

-If you do not have your tire checked regularly, replace it when technician or expert tell you to do.

- You should choose a big tire dealer with full service to have more options.

- Expectations: High performance tires tend to wear faster while tires that offer a comfortable ride are less flexible when cornering.

- The tire should be changed in pairs


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