[QC] Simple tips for Grand i10 owners to save money

By Lốp Nexen
Posted: 14:18:29 08-11-2017   |   Update: 2 years ago
There is a simple but great tip that Grand i10 owners should know to save money: rotate their tires in right time and right way.

Being a perfect balance between customer’s demand and price, Grand i10 model become a good deal for under 400 million segment. According to Hyundai Thanh Cong - Importers, distributors and assemblers of Hyundai commercial vehicles  in Vietnam - in 2016 they have sold about 18,000 Grand i10s.

Grand i10 market share in small car segment is growing bigger, so Grand i10 owner community in Vietnam

Howerver, there are some Grand i10 owners don’t really know how to maintain and use their car in a proper way. One simple but effective tip for you: tire rotation.

When moving, tire is the only part that directly touch the ground. Moving on rough terrain or uneven weight distribution cause 4 tire to wear unevenly.In the long term, one of the four tires will break down, while the other tires are still in good condition. However, for safety reason, the owners have to replace at least one pair of tires.

If you are in this situation, your should rotate your tire. If you could rotate tire correctly, your tires will wear out more evenly, give you "smooth" driving experience and more balanced handling, increase traction and effective braking .

In time and in right way tire rotation not only extends tires life but also reduces cost.

Recommendation from Nexen Tire Vietnam, Original Equipment tire supplier for Grand i10 in Vietnam, periodic check and tire rotation should be carried out every 6,000 miles (9,500 to 10,000 km) at prestigious garage. Tire rotation,wheel balancing and wheel alignment should be done at the same time.

Nexen  tires model CP661 (Korea) is Hyundai Grand i10 OE. It’s price fluctuates around 1 million VND per tire.

Normally, two front tires and left tire tend to wear out faster than the two rear tires and right tire. Thus, the simplest way to rotate your tires is to move the back wheel to the front and the front to the back. But crossing them when moving to the back. However, this method of rotation applies only to vehicles using treaded tires and all tire are same size. For cars that have bigger back tires, only left-to-right rotation is recommended, but usually require consulting from the manufacturer or the tire manufacturer.

Notice: While mounting tire, the rolling direction of studded tires should never be changed.

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